Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy


What if high school wasn't just something that prepared you for college? What if it prepared you for life? That's what CVCA has set out to do - to create an experience that's not only enjoyable and educational for its students, but one that equips students with wisdom and values for the long-term future. We teamed up with CVCA in the hopes of sharing that vision through motion. 

  • Live Production
"I am just thrilled -- this video captured [CVCA's] heart and message in a poignant, artistic, direct and professional way. We think the world of the work ipso did, and if anyone were to ask us who made the video -- we'll be proud to say you guys." // Jason Spodnik, President of CVCA


The production of this brand video coincided with the school's spring open-house, where it would be used as a promotional tool for prospective students. Eventually, it would also be utilized in email campaigns and on their website, to inform parents, major donors, etc.We planned for the video to be primarily live production, though we incorporated some animation in post-production.


While shooting on a time budget, developing a shot list is extremely important. Our shot list prioritized the most unique and special aspects of CVCA's school day, such as its "J-term," the high-caliber instruction, focus on college preparedness, disciple through guidance, extensive academic support and mentoring programs and job shadowing. We hoped the video could showcase it all.


The production of CVCA's brand video was a smooth process, all around, due largely to the fact that while CVCA's team trusted us to be the experts, they also were involved in the initial planning, and did a great job communicating their hopes and vision for the video. Through multiple discovery sessions, we refined that vision, and enjoyed executing as a team. While the project is now complete, both ipso and CVCA continue to be huge advocates of each other.