Face Haus



Face Haus came to us as one of those rare start-up clients who, despite their lack of experience, knew exactly what they needed in a website build. They came to us with a realistic project timeline, budget, and the goods to back up their concept – which, needless to say, is a novel one (we kind of wish that we had come up with it first).

  • Responsive Design
  • Custom Web Design
  • Wordpress CMS


Given their target market, Face Haus needed a web design solution that would be trendy, appealing, and easy to use on the run. They also required that the website be integrated with Spabooker, particularly for its appointment-scheduling functionality.


The planning of this site's architecture and design was based around creating an ideal mobile experience, without sacrificing the robust elements of the desktop view. We also took a deep dive into the API requirements of Spabooker and integrated its functionality seamlessly within the Face Haus website.


We were already huge fans of the Face Haus team, having worked with them on another successful website project. Getting the chance to work with them again was a best-case scenario. And although they are currently located in the LA area, we are confident it's only a matter of time before Face Haus is in our neck of the woods (and everywhere else as well). Check them out!