FMG Ohio Team Shop



Not too many folks know you can manage multiple eCommerce shops using a multi-site installation of Magento. When Fitzpatrick Media Group expressed their trouble managing an ever-growing list of schools for whom they supply sportswear, we knew the Magento multi-site installation was the perfect solution.

  • Custom Web Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Custom Import Tool
  • Multi-Site
The plan was to create a sleek and intuitive web design that enabled easy and enjoyable shopping.


The OH Team Shop didn’t exist prior to this project, and therefore, we were challenged by an inherent absence of structure and content. What's more, FMG needed to create and import a full product catalog to their new site. To do so smoothly can be quite the challenge; they needed to aggregate product information all the way down to SKU numbers from multiple suppliers and organize that data into a uniform format. And while the functional, techhnical, and import requirements were a hurdle, there was still the need to create a simplified user shopping experience and a sleek, modern design that appealed to an audience accustomed to browsing big brand athletic websites. With so many moving parts to the project, it was particularly important to have a high level of project management detail and attention.


During an extensive discovery phase, we suggested the use of a Magento multi-site installation in order to accommodate the functional requirements of individual “stores” specific to each school. This would enable the customization of products and customers to each store, and new stores could be easily added when a new school relationship was established. Based on FMG’s business requirements, we divided the shopping experience into two; a portal for athletic directors who need to purchase volume uniforms and gear for multiple sports teams; and a general shopping experience for parents and students to purchase their school’s spirit wear. During the project’s architecture phase, we created the product import template that would populate with product data provided by FMG’s suppliers and then be imported into the Magento content management system via an import tool called Magmi.


Given the remarkable sales and business development efforts by Pete, Chris, Michael, and the rest of the FMG team, the OH Team shop has grown enormously since it first launched. It now has 51 stores within the multi-site installation of Magento, currently containing 32,380 SKUs. The website has received praise from athletic directors and parents who appreciate its intuitive user experience and ease in searching for and purchasing products. The site continues to evolve while it grows; Jeff Lillibridge (FMG Digital Lead) manages the enormous amounts of data that goes in and comes out of the OH Team Shop. And we have had the opportunity to support him in his efforts to continually optimize and enhance the site’s administrative functionality.