Frontline Ministries


Frontline Ministries International, located in Canton, OH, is an apostolic training, equipping, and worship ministry which desires to minister to the Lord, as well as, to teach, train up, and equip people for radical frontline living. They came to us with the opportunity to work on custom website design, new logo development, a comprehensive content strategy, and custom letterhead design. 

  • Custom Web Design
  • Wordpress CMS
  • Responsive Design
  • Logo Development
  • Brand Identity
Our most successful projects (such as this) focus on a clear content strategy & strong client relationship.


Our greatest challenge with this project was working to consolidate four different websites, which represented separate ministries underneath FMI, into one cohesive online presence. Each of the websites had their own focus with their own unique content needs and visual aesthetic. The heaviest lift was certainly the volume of content that existed on each site and the need for evaluating and revising the content into a new communication strategy. In addition to working on a new custom website, our designers were tasked with developing a new logo for the ministry. 


We quickly got to work evaluating existing content and developed a focused strategy for messaging and content layouts. We delivered a comprehensive content strategy, which included a restructured menu navigation and goals for each of the proposed custom layouts. During the architecture phase, we identified several areas of custom development for their vast media needs of podcasts, videos, blogs, and extensive image galleries. In the area of logo development, our creative team developed a new engaging logo mark with custom typography treatment that thoroughly conveyed the heart of their ministry.    


Our most successful projects are the ones in which we develop a clear and detailed content strategy that is managed throughout the entirety of the project within a strong client relationship. The folks on staff at FMI were dedicated to seeing the content plan through with several new and revised areas of content. Outfitted with a new logo and visual aesthetic, the custom website included large banner hero images, effective media layouts, and multiple content templates. FMI now has aligned goals for each program initiative and a customized user experience to guide their followers, members, and church family to pursue their overall ministry vision.