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One of the interesting things about Wordpress Content Management System these days is that many have pigeon-holed it as a blogging platform or open-source CMS for basic websites. However, Wordpress is powerful platform for media websites. We helped Community Journals with a significant overhaul of their flagship

  • Custom Web Design
  • Responsive Design

Challenge already existed, but it was outdated. The folks at Community Journals needed a fresh website built with responsive design in mind, that could make the daily challenge of aggregating and updating content easier. Other Community Journal websites, such as and contain articles that feed into the Greenville Journal website, and the process tended to be cumbersome given the aging of website platforms and constraints on the data. Additionally, it was vitally important to the Community Journals digital team to create a completely custom design that was unique to their brand, but pushed their online brand presence into the echelon of larger market online publications. Another topmost priority was streamlining the mobile experience, given its ever-growing prevalence to users. And then there was the need to improve the appearance of ads.


In perhaps our most extensive architecture phase to date, we collaborated with the CJ digital team to outline the functional specifications, ranging from RSS feeds to customizing the display of ads (including videos) on various devices, all while keeping IAB Display Advertising Guidelines in mind. We also built custom Wordpress administrative functionality in order to streamline managing content and decrease stress to the digital team. 


We strategized and implemented methods that addressed user flows, to help users discover new content, learn about relevant articles, see what content was most popular in the community, and share content across platforms. Plus, we implemented multiple, easy-to-use custom forms that addressed everything from news tips to press releases to photos and calendar events, in order to increase user-submissions. Danielle, their Digital Operations Manager, gave us very positive feedback at the end of the project: "Since launch, we have increased web traffic immensely since the launch of the Greenville Journal’s new website. The assistance and support we received throughout the redevelopment of the website went beyond our expectations. Our project manager understood our vision and helped us achieve what we wanted to do."