Greenville Symphony Orchestra


How do you impact the culture of your community? Support those on the forefront of creating that culture. Our work in crafting a new custom-designed website for the wonderful folks at the Greenville Symphony Orchestra is rewarding on many levels and we're thankful to have had the opportunity.

  • Custom Web Design
  • Custom Web Development
  • Responsive Design
  • Content Creation
"Our web redesign project with ipsoCreative far exceeded our expectations. Members of the ipso team have a true calling to the process of web design and their passion is contagious; before you know it, you find yourself getting caught up in their excitement. To them, it’s not a job, it’s a vocation." --Todd Weir, Marketing Director


Like many orchestras today, the common The Greenville Symphony audience tends to be older. The future sustainability of all orchestras depend on increasing levels of participation and support among younger concert goers. To that end, the GSO leadership and staff realized the need to overhaul their outdated website, place their new website on a content management system that would allow for quick changes, and generally increase the approachability of the content. Beyond an improved user-experience, the biggest need was to create a visually engaging website that would affirm visitors that the Greenville Symphony is in tune with younger audiences.


After several discovery sessions with the folks at the Greenville Symphony, it was clear a reorganization of existing content as well as a simplified header navigation would improve user-experience, and we identified a need to boost awareness of donation opportunities. Given the need to appeal to prospective audience members, we proposed several new content areas to straetgically attract those unfamiliar with the symphony culture and etiquette. Under the new Learn section, we created a "First Timer's Guide," wrote entirely new bio profiles, and refreshed existing content so as to establish a consistent voice and tone throughout the site. Post-launch, we provided in-depth training to the GSO marketing team on how to manage content through Wordpress.


The Greenville Symphony's new website has been well received; the musicians and staff feel it more accurately reflects their personality and commitment to providing phenomenal experiences for their audiences. On our part, everyone at ipso was thrilled to have been chosen to collaborate with the amazingly talented and extraordinarily dedicated folks at the GSO. We are grateful to have contributed, in even a small way, to the sustainability of an essential organization to our South Carolina community. We're also thankful for Todd Weir's collaboration with us; with the unfortunate passing of Sherwood Mobley (Executive Director) in the midst of this project, Todd and the rest of the GSO folks went through an impossibly difficult season. And yet, everyone at GSO pulled together and proceeded with grace. We are ravings fans of the Greenville Symphony...and we believe you should be as well!