Horizons Church Online Prayer Center


Horizons Church, a multi-campus nondenominational church in West Virginia, dreamed of providing an environment for constant, uninterrupted prayer 24 hours a day. With its new online platform, there are no geographical constraints; anyone in the world can participate.

  • Custom Web Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Wordpress CMS
The dream, originally envisioned as a brick-and-mortar facility for the Horizons community, has now materialized as the Online Prayer Center.


Horizons Church approached ipso with a request to build the foundation for a website that could serve as a destination for prayer and worship. They wanted the site to be a platform that could facilitate user-registration, submission of prayer requests, and guided prayer tools. The target demographic was slightly older and potentially less than confident using online technology, so we were challenged to to make sure the user-experience was especially accessible, supportive, and empowering.


ipso leveraged the Wordpress Content Management System to create custom functionality and a streamlined user-experience for the Online Prayer Center. The inherent features of Wordpress made it a perfect solution to deliver the functionality Horizons requested, including Prayer Request posts and customized prayer tracks. The responsive design ipso implemented guarantees that users have the very best experience regardless of the device being used. The design includes a lean navigation, clear CTAs, and conservative, yet up-to-date design.


By training the Horizons team on the WYSWYG content editor, we provided the Horizons team freedom to customize content within the defined site style. This freedom of movement and growth is one of ipsoCreative's core values, and we were thrilled to learn that Horizons has not only adopted the ongoing management of the website--they’ve recruited a church volunteer to help expand the site’s functionality. The site intentionally created to encourage participation within and outside their church community, so we look forward to watch the Online Prayer Center continue to grow.