Human Growth and Development Education


The Human Growth and Development website centers on a video series that guides preteens through the changes of puberty, the female and male reproductive systems, reproduction, and fetal development.

  • Custom Web Design
  • Responsive Design
"Working with the talented team at ipsoCreative was a delight and a blessing. They immediately understood our mission and created an engaging website that fit our every need. It was an awesome experience for us!" – Adele Blazey


The responsive web design project had two main objectives. The first objective was to take an online course and established program that had previously all been done in person, and give it a digital platform which could be accessed by users from anywhere. The second objective was to accomplish our first objective on an expedited timeline. Each of these presented us with unique challenges. 


We built custom licensing software inside the site that allows Human Growth Development and Education to provide specific users with permissions to view the video curriculum for a given period of time. We also delivered the website on time in two and a half months through a timeline we customized completely to the client and the project. 


The team at Human Growth and Development Eduction has been more than a pleasure to work with. They are now raving fans of ipsoCreative. The results of the custom web design project gave them a digital tool that allows facilitators to operate the online course anytime and anywhere.