Integrated Wellness Partners


ipso partnered with Integrated Wellness Partners (IWP) to create a custom developed, WordPress managed online platform designed with the utmost care and consideration. In addition to a custom web design and development, we closely collaborated with several members of IWP's team and Signet Enterprises to create a motion graphics animation brand video.  

  • Custom Web Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Wordpress CMS


At ipsoCreative, we love to be challenged. Our primary challenge with creating a custom developed site was to figure out how to give a clean and clear platform for IWP to share their mission. They needed a brand new site and online presence that was mobile-friendly, custom, and allowed them to be flexible in creating new content areas as they grew and expanded their reach across the country by opening new health and wellness centers. 

Another high priority was creating a motion graphics brand video in conjunction with the web design process. We strongly believe in utilizing video as part of the web experience, therefore our Forma and Kinetic teams worked collaboratively to maintain consistency of branding and messaging through the video and website projects. 


Initially, we spent significant time in a discovery process with key IWP executives to distill down the key goals and objectives for their new website. We architected a simple and clear navigation structure that allows for a simple and functional user experience. With a firm foundation in place in architecture we developed custom layout structures that gave them flexibility and customization options for scalability as they grew, but also maintained a consistency with their brand. 

As the web project took flight, our Kinetic video team worked through their process to craft a 3D animated video that would be released along with the new website launch. 


With 25 years of collaborative wellness industry experience, IWP works with local partners to deliver a comprehensive and synergistic health and wellness solution that develops sustainable practices in their communities. We were more than thrilled to work alongside them in this mission to help them tell their story on the web in a way that helps humans flourish.

As the website project came to completion, our Kinetic team released a powerful motion graphics animation brand video that communicated IWP's mission.