Online Card Classes


If you run wildly successful online training courses and are about to significantly change the user-experience when you launch your new eCommerce website, how do you efficiently let visitors know what has changed and what they can expect? Create a motion graphics instructional video.

  • Motion Graphics
  • 2D Animation


Online Card Classes essentially runs on videos, in that, the classes are taught via video. Both of its founders, Jennifer and Kristina, create their own instructional videos for their blogs. So, visitors to the website were accustomed to video being the primary source of communication. With a significant overhaul of the website’s user experience, it was clear returning attendees would need to be reoriented to the website's updated content and process. Plus, any future attendees would benefit from having a concise overview video.


The ipsoKinetic motion graphics design team collaborated with Jennifer and Kristina in creating a script following a brief narrative structure of the what, who, and how behind OCC. The “how” provide information on how to take the class; a glimpse into the classroom; and a forum for participants’ questions. From there Jennifer and Kristina provided their own voiceover, given their familiarity to their audience. The concept behind the motion graphics was to weave existing screen captures with custom motion design, demonstrating OCC's process in an engaging way – all in under two minutes.


Besides being well received by Jennifer, Kristina, and their many followers, the video has proven to be helpful in informing previous class attendees of the transition details and reduced the overall confusion about the new website. And, as planned, new/prospective class attendees get a valuable overview as they consider purchasing access to the classes. For us, here at ipso, it was another opportunity to serve a couple of humans who we admire and appreciate. We cherish collaboration with Jennifer and Kristina!