Pretty Neat Living


When you have an enormous online following AND you have decided to rebrand, how do you prevent hundreds (if not thousands) of inquiries about new brand and why you decided to rebrand in the first place? A live production brand video works best.

  • Live Production
  • Interview
"It was truly a pleasure for me to work with ipsoCreative on my rebranding project. They made what seemed like an insurmountable task feel not only easy, but enjoyable. Their passion and attention to detail resulted in a beautiful website that I am proud to post my content on." - Jennifer Ross, Pretty Neat Living founder


Even with significant overlap among her followers, having three different Youtube channels meant that as Jennifer consolidated under one new brand, she would need to communicate this transition to three different audiences, as well as why she decided to rebrand and what her followers could expect moving forward. Once Jennifer settled on her new name, Pretty Neat Living, we set about crafting a new logo, brand colors, and overall visual identity for her new brand, which would all be foreign to her loyal customer base. Her new presence needed to be presented in a way that would be easily relateable and understandable to her followers.


We collaborated with Jennifer to create a narrative arc and talking points for Jennifer's new brand video. Our goal was to create a video that featured our interview with Jennifer in an authentic and unrehearsed way. The storyline we came up with for the video begins with a brief history of her brand and what brought her to the point of rebranding, followed by her thoughts and beliefs on Loving, Living and Organizing, and concluding with a plug to subscribe to her YouTube channel. In post-production, we added various motion design overlays. to illustrate key points.


One subscriber noted that Jennifer's new brand "looks so wonderful & professional! Excited for you and for where your channel is heading!” With 200,000+ views on this video alone, there are more than 500 comments raving about the rebranding and the brand video, and her audience continues to grow. Jennifer is thrilled with this response. And fom our standpoint, we loved having the opportunity to work on a cohesive rebranding, website, and brand video all at the same time. We are grateful Jennifer invited us to help craft a unique and polished experience for her and her customers!