Web Project

Sherwin-Williams Diversified Brands


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When working on 12 of Sherwin-Williams Diversified Brands product catalog websites, we quickly realized why managing content and updates was confusing and inefficient for their brand managers. A huge challenge was how each brand had a unique style, brand presence, product line, product assets, and content needs, but ultimately needed a cohesive online presence for content management and product imports. The challenge was to create a solution that was consistent in how it was built and structured—from both a code perspective and management experience—while ensuring that every site felt unique from a brand and design perspective to the user.


Accomplishing a unique product experience meant we had to imagine a robust product feature documentation that could handle as little or as much as the brand required. With that dream in mind, we worked with the Sherwin-Williams Diversified Brand steam to architect an environment that could provide the balance of consistency and customization. The consistency had to come in terms of the framework of the product catalog and the rules for product imports, fields, and features. Having customization ability on specific content areas on each site meant brand managers could edit and manage their own content without the hassle and confusion of going through a massive content management system. This gave them ownership and flexibility—two things they didn't have before. 


We devoted time to truly listen and understand the unique needs of each brand, and provided the dedication and hands-on commitment from one of our project managers to oversee the entire project. In the end, not only did Sherwin-Williams receive maximum flexibility with each of their new custom WordPress sites, we led each brand team in thorough WordPress training to empower them to grow and manage it on their own. We launched eight sites in under six months, and 12 sites altogether, within an expedited timeline. We couldn't have completed this project without the dedication from the Sherwin-Williams Diversified Brands team, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have helped them flourish in their industry.