Steelyard Studios Video


Steelyard Studios is a design firm located in Akron, Ohio with deep-seated roots in the resilient, blue-collar work ethic of the steel industry.

  • Motion Graphics
  • 2D Animation


This award-winning design firm was seeking an effective and memorable way to communicate their essence and brand story to their clients and the world.


Every aspect of the video project was crafted to support the "who" concept behind Steelyard's personality -- from the voiceover selection, to the music, to the sound effects, to the humble-minded script, to the animation transitions. This video embodies who Steelyard is at their core.


Working with Steelyard Studios is a pleasure. We collaborated on every step of the production process and the result was a beautiful and intriguing 45-second video piece that met every expectation. Visit their website to find out more about these guys and the hard work they do to create elegant works of art.