TTx Brand Video


Brandon and the rest of the TTx executive leadership planned a comprehensive brand launch at the Cleveland Indians’ Progressive Field corporate conference room in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, After 35 years and a well established presence in the industry, TTx needed to clearly communicate this significant change both internally and externally. The event was designed to introduce the new brand identity, brand platform, website, and sales & marketing collateral to all of the TTx staff and their families prior to the external launch. 

  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Animation


The TTx Brand Video (first among the videos we have crafted for them) was a rare opportunity to craft a piece in conjunction with the overall rebranding we created for the company.


While the core DNA of the company and its culture remained perfectly intact, we helped the brand story be told in clear, concise, and cohesive terms for the first time. We essentially captured the tribal knowledge and distilled the brand story to its most salient points. The concept we imagined and crafted for them centered on the idea behind TTx's slogan, "Because People Matter." We meticulously wrote the script to reflect the care and concern TTx has for people. And, of course, we married all of this to the new brand visuals.


The result was stunning. Displayed on a $30,000 wall of HD screens with full surround sound, the TTx brand video serves as the keystone piece of branding. It was the “oh, and one more thing…” surprise for folks just as the event was wrapping up. Since then, the video has lived on their website and been seen in countless presentations, and serves as a reminder to all of us the power of branding.