Our work reflects our belief that
imagination precedes beautiful design
  • (Sherwin Williams) Pratt & Lambert Style & Design Guild
  • Safe Systems
  • TTx // Teletronics

    B2B // Identity // Web Design // Digital Strategy


    Commercials // Branded Content // Film

  • Whirlpool LED

    Consumer // Product Catalogue

  • Labelmatch

    B2B // Product Catalogue

  • (Sherwin Williams) Bestt Liebco

    Retail // Product Catalogue

  • SD Myers

    B2B // Industrial Service

  • Crazy But True Popcorn

    Retail // eCommerce

  • Demming Financial

    Informational // Financial Industry

  • Baker's Acres

    Retail // Nursery & Garden Center

  • MW Imaging

    B2B // Healthcare

  • Toledo Christian School


  • Red Point Digital

    B2B // TV & Video Production

  • Face Haus

    Consumer // Service Industry

  • Ambassadors Football

    International Non-profit // eCommerce



While ipsoCreative is technically a business, it is more significantly a gathering of like-minded humans who believe business can be used to promote the common good of people and communities. And when a group of people share this belief, it affects what they choose to communicate. We realize the need to articulate the ipso brand position and value proposition, but what you will find, even more so, is a constant emphasis on the humans that make up what folks call ipsoCreative. More than designers, programmers, project managers, we are husbands & wives, sons & daughters, mothers & fathers, friends, servants to our communities, wanderers, musicians, learners, enjoyers of delicious food, connoisseurs of craftsmanship, athletes, coaches, listeners & storytellers, writers, catalysts for change, and raving fans of things that matter.

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  • Who We Are

    ipsoCreative is a boutique web agency built on the principles of: beautiful and effective webaesthetics; leading edge functionality on open source technology; and disciplined project management. We serve businesses and organizations by visually communicating their brand story via the web.

    We are a group of dreamers and catalysts who long for significance in what we do, the freedom to create an experience that we would want to receive, and the opportunity to share a vision for something greater than the typical business model.

    And we are dedicated to creating an exceptional client experience by: working collaboratively with you in crafting beautiful and engaging visual design that sets you apart; ensuring your freedom with your website through the use of open-source technology; and obsessively attending to punctual deliverables.

  • The Name

    There’s a lot in a name. We know that to be true. As such, we didn’t want to default into naming it after ourselves. We also didn’t want to limit ourselves to a place (although we are currently based out of NE Ohio near Akron and Cleveland). Plus we wanted our name to be just a little bit malleable so as not to be pigeon-holed. Of course we wanted our name to be resonant, but not overwhelming. Esoteric, but not confusing. Classic, but not cliche. Ultimately, memorable.

    Most folks are familiar with the Latin phrase “ipso facto” which means “by the very fact itself.” Although it can’t be strictly translated as such (as any Latin scholar will object), “ipso” means “very.” So, “ipsoCreative” is “very creative.” It simultaneously doesn’t say much about us and says a ton about us. The first entry in the definition of “creative” is: Having the quality or power of creating. We create words, designs, code, and processes out of thin air. In actuality we are re-creating those things, but we are creating nonetheless. To say that we are “very creative” means at its core, we are prolific creators. And that is true! Like we said, there’s a lot in a name.

  • The Mission/Vision

    We seek to be on the forefront of establishing credibility in the web design and development world. We don’t just want to accomplish this for ourselves. We want to be a catalyst for raising standards in the web design market.

In short, we are raving fans of things that matter.
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